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The Evolution of Property Marketing

Keyboard and Mouse

For the professional property photographer, London provides endless fascination. Of course, property photography is one of Touroo’s signature services — and the English capital is where we started out.


We can say that several elements of the business have changed beyond recognition, while others have stayed much the same as they were years ago. What remains true is that high-end photography and post-production skills can set your property apart.


Slick photography relies on uncluttered spaces, clean lines, and well-lit areas — but only a high spec camera in the hands of a professional will do your property justice. To help your case further, Touroo offers an array of marketing services including brochures, floor plans, virtual staging, animation and CGI, aerial drone video, branding, and bespoke projects.


In our view, 2D property floor plans are the most crucial aspect of property marketing for both commercial and residential properties. A detailed floor plan serves as an essential property marketing tool, fire regulations document, and office space planner, all in one.


One trait that distinguishes today’s clients is that they have come to expect fast turnarounds — and Touroo is happy to meet that challenge. For example, we can provide 2D floor plans in just 24 hours! We are always looking to expand our boundaries, which is why we have added 3D virtual tours to our service.

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