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3D Virtual Tours; Perception & Reality

Glass Buildings

At Touroo we have found that there are some persistent myths around 3D virtual home tours that keep on resurfacing when we talk to prospective customers. We feel that these myths need to be cleared up and today we will take the opportunity to do just that. 


Myth Number One: Virtual Tours Are Expensive


Like many marketing services, a wide array of factors influence pricing. Virtual tours are visually striking and are shot with extremely high specification camera equipment — and people will naturally assume that such advanced services come with a restrictively high price tag. In today’s market, there’s still no standardised pricing structure or model. Quotes from virtual tour providers vary massively. 




Virtual tours are typically more expensive than standard photography services, but sometimes they turn out to be cheaper than a video. Shocking, isn’t it? Recent advances have allowed for the automation of formerly time-consuming aspects of the virtual tour production process, meaning quicker turnarounds. At Touroo we are focused on providing a rapid, one-stop-shop service at a fair price and with exceptional service.


Our mission is to make virtual tours accessible to a wider market. Reasonable pricing is part of that.


Myth Number Two: Virtual Tours Are ‘Nice to Have’ — But They Do Not Convert


When the virtual tour experience first entered into the public spotlight, its adoption was held back by a muddled image. For a long time, virtual tours were confused with old-fashioned video tours. A video tour is a relatively pared-down, passive experience where viewers simply follow an established route through a property or business. Even today, this misconception causes virtual tours to be perceived as a gimmick. How could they possibly convert to paying customers?




Virtual tours are interactive, and video tours aren’t. 3D virtual tours allow for a new level of user engagement. Viewers are free to explore in their own way, at their own leisure — and they aren’t left frustrated by awkward camera angles or unnecessary transitions. They can see for themselves the authenticity of what’s being marketed and the various features and quirks on offer.

That’s not all, though. Virtual tours provide other appealing features like music, text, data tags, or embedded videos, which add extra layers of detail and interest to the experience. You can apply your own creativity here. Why not launch a regular interactive competition, complete with a prize for the winner? At Touroo, we’ll work closely with you to reel customers in and keep them engrossed.

3D virtual house tours have been shown to boost search engine optimisation (SEO) and triple the length of time the average user dwells on a page — increasing customer inquiries by 95% and lead quality by nearly 50%, ultimately bringing improved conversion rates.


Myth Number Three: Virtual Tours Are For the Property Sector Only, Not for Businesses


It’s easy to imagine the benefits of virtual tours for the property sector. 3D virtual family house tours are probably the best-known use of this technology to date. For estate agents specialised in the sale of luxury homes, 3D virtual tour technology has been particularly useful, as it helps to relay the finer details of what’s on offer in a high spec home to the most discerning clientele. Many people have seen 3D virtual tours of houses for sale on TV.


In short, business owners are vaguely aware of the technology — but they are stuck with the notion that it’s for the property sector only. They can’t see why it would be relevant to their niche.




Touroo is well-qualified to clear up the confusion here. Yes, property marketing is a big part of what we do. However, the property sector only represents one possibility for this technology. In practice, a wide range of business types can benefit from 3D virtual tours.


Prospective customers may want to get a feeling for the ambience of that new restaurant that has opened across the city, to check capacity at a music venue, locate facilities like disabled access, or identify fire exits.


Now Google is sold, they can help you to improve local search rankings within days — and also to secure more reviews. The Matterport 3D virtual tour technology makes Touroo’s offering more powerful and wide-ranging than ever before. Whether it’s for the UK real estate market or a newly launched gym, we can help you convert.

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